How is a kinesiologist different from a personal trainer?

Think of kinesiologist is halfway between a personal trainer and a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are trained in performing passive treatment on your body that works to target acute trauma or long standing injuries. Personal trainers perform active sessions to keep you accountable and motivated to exercise and reach your health goals. Kinesiologists address trauma and injuries, as well as meet your health goals (e.g.: weight loss and increased strength and mobility).

Kinesiologists do personal training

Kinesiologists are experts on human movement. This knowledge and expertise makes kinesiologists the best-equipped personal trainers. Kinesiologists employ their broad range of experience spanning sports team support, clinical testing and more, to develop a workout plan that works for you. Each of our staff members possess a minimum 4-year BSc in kinesiology and are highly-qualified to work with you in-person or over zoom to help you develop a training regime that targets your unique goals.

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