Getting started with exercise rehab

How do I start with exercise rehab?

All you have to do to get started with exercise rehab is simply give us a call to set up your initial assessment. While it is helpful to have a referral from your healthcare team, you can start the program with or without a doctor or physiotherapist’s recommendation.

What happens at the first exercise rehab session?

The first appointment is an assessment from home. Your kinesiologist will ask you a series of questions about your body, your medical history, past injuries and your function. Armed with this knowledge they will then assess your range of motion (flexibility), strength, and posture and may have time to prescribe some exercises for you. These assessments typically last approximately 1.5 hours.

What’s the difference between kinesiology and physiotherapy?

Kinesiology is an active treatment, meaning you spend your session actively moving your muscles. In comparison, physiotherapy relies on more hands-on passive forms of treatment. Many people use physiotherapy for more acute conditions and injuries, while kinesiology is more frequently employed as a form of therapy for longterm injury recovery and prevention. Find out more here.

What should I wear to an exercise rehab assessment or session?

Wear comfortable clothes for exercising and roll our your yoga mat in front of a laptop or phone. For in person sessions dress in something easy to move around in, runners and fitness clothes work great.

Do kinesiologists have insurance?

Yes, we are covered by the BC Association of Kinesiologists as well as covered for commercial general liability.

How long are exercise rehab session?

Our exercise rehab sessions are typically 1 hour long spent one-on-one with one of our trained kinesiologists.

How much does exercise rehab cost?

Clients pay $90 per session + GST. We also offer packages at a reduced rate if you are looking to develop a longer term program with us.

For more help, please reach out by phone at (604) 682-6765 or send an email to

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