Getting started with active rehab

How do I start with active rehab?

You can start active rehab right away. If your accident date is within 3 months you are approved for 12 active rehab sessions. You need your claim number and accident date and we’ll do the rest. If you accident date is older than 3 months, please get a referral note from your main practitioner.

What happens at the first active rehab session?

Your first appointment will be an at-home assessment. Your kinesiologist will ask you a series of questions about your body, your injuries, medical history and function. Armed with this knowledge they will assess your range of motion (flexibility), strength, and posture and may have time to prescribe some exercises for you. The assessment normally last 1 hours.

What should I wear to an active rehab assessment or session?

If your session is at home wear comfortable clothes for exercising. Keep a water bottle or cup close by. In the studio bring something easy to move around in like fitness clothes and running shoes.

Do Kinesiologists have insurance?

Yes, we are covered by the BC Association of Kinesiologists as well as covered for commercial general liability. Our goal is to keep you safe and injury free at home.

How long are active rehab sessions normally?

Active rehab sessions are normally 1 hour long and consist of one-on-one time with a one of our trained kinesiologists. 45-minute sessions are available.

How much does ICBC active rehab cost?

ICBC covers most of the cost of the active rehab sessions. Clients will be asked to pay a $15 dollar user fee per session + GST for 1hr sessions (however in some cases the user fee can be reimbursed to the client by ICBC).

I was in a car accident over a year ago, can I still get funding for an active rehab program from ICBC?

ICBC keeps your claim open for 2 years, unless you have already settled. Your doctor can help you determine if active rehab is the right path for you.

For more help, please reach out by phone at (604) 682-6765 or send an email to

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